We stock various electronic modules and educational project kits. We offer these items at affordable prices.

We help you to unfold your creativity and unleash your engineering by providing almost all required products at a single store. You do not need to wander shop by shop to find these electronic parts.

You can find all electronic components in the following main categories;

  1. Arduino boards
  2. Microcontroller boards
  3. Robotics sensor
  4. Electronics module
  5. DC motor – stepper and servo motors


Why did we start this store?

We jumped into the Robotics business around 2018 and found a countable shop in the local city – Indore. However, these stores did not have all the sensors and required parts for robotic projects. We had to order online from different stores at higher prices.

In doing so, we partnered with good distributors across India, and they had valuable electronics modules at affordable prices when we bought them in bulk.

We started importing other sensors and parts from different channels. And since then, we realized why not start selling these boards, parts, and components to our young electronic hobbyists or professionals.

That's how ThreeTerminal Electronics was born.


How could I order from you?

It is easy. You get all electronic products at affordable prices. We regularly update this website with existing inventory and prices, and you can trust it.

If you have a bulk order, you can call or send a WhatsApp message on our number (+91 89624 10857)

At last, you can subscribe to our newsletter by signing up on the website or joining our Instagram profile.